The four board books now available for purchase, individually or as a set.


Delivery will be in late November, just in time for Christmas.

My publisher, Lake Press will send these babies to Canada in January 2018, (sold through Indigo Books), for some international travel!

Humour, Rhyming & alliteration

The 'Whose?' Series is full of fun, rhyming stories that kids will love. Did you know rhyme encourages children to guess and predict words? 

All four books are easy out-loud reads., that not only teach children about clothing for different weather and various activities, but I've also slipped in some sneaky alliteration to help with language development. Eg. 'Will is wearing a woollen hat...'

all-inclusive characters

It's imperative that our multicultural society is reflected in children's books. So you'll find lots of different names and children represented across the four books. I also challenge some stereotypes, with Bella wearing a building hat (go girl!) and George carrying his gymnastics bag. At such an impressionable age, kids need to know they can try a whole range of activities, without feeling they are 'boy' or 'girl' specific. 

What age are the books aimed at? 

I'm a big believer in reading to babies from birth, so I've made sure these books are suitable for newborns right through to beginner readers. The board books are case-bound which means they're sturdy and will endure whatever your child throws at them (including teeth - got a book chewer?!). The illustrations by Spike Maguire are bright and gorgeous too.


From the Whose Hat? Book

From the Whose Hat? Book

Series Titles: Whose Pants? Whose Shoes? Whose Hat? Whose Bag?