7 Tips for a Kid-Free Trip not a Guilt Trip

So, the husband and I are off to Peru in a couple of weeks. A phenomenonal, life-changing opportunity. Something I don't think I could have concocted in my wildest daydreams.

The reality is a little less dreamy. Overcoming the guilt of leaving the children behind and of asking my parents to care for them for ten days is a more difficult task than packing lightly. Everyone around me seems fine with it, and those that have said it will fly by are absolutely right. I'll be home before I know it, resuming groundhog day and wondering what the hell I was worried about. I'm certain all parties will come out the other end unscathed.

I did some reading on preparing the kids for our upcoming absence and compiled a list here in my latest column. I've been accused of overthinking, but perhaps it's better than under thinking?

Have a read and let me know if I've missed anything...


Until next time..Adios!


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