QandA on Family Violence

Last night's episode on Q&A regarding family violence was enlightening. An open and honest discussion about the root causes of violence in men, what we are going to do about the violence against women in our society and the ramifications if we don't.

Rosie Batty is a phenomenal woman. Wise, strong, passionate, a survivor. To be able to get up each morning and get the message out, after the death of her son at the hands of the violent ex, is a true legacy to Luke.  She is very well-deserving of the Australian of the Year Award for 2015.

Natasha Stott-Despoja is equally inspiring. Composed, intelligent and committed to the cause. 

Protecting women and children, and any other minority in society, should be the basis for all humanity, surely? Why does it take more deaths of children and women in violent situations to open up the discussion and give this the light of day that is long overdue?