Chosen to contribute to the "Diary of an AusMumpreneur"

I'm excited to have been chosen as a contributor to the "Diary of an AusMumpreneur".  The idea was proposed by the AusMumpreneur Network - over 16,000 mums in business who are running successful businesses (or at least attempting to) whilst raising children.

The diary will have entries from 10 mums in a diverse range of businesses. We will document our routines, celebrate the triumphs and overcome the challenges of balancing the balls of life with young children and business management. Lessons learned, tips, advice (and probably a bit of swearing from me that may be edited out) will all be shared in the hope that other women feel inspired to follow their business ideals. 

Given I am in the business of selling myself, or at least my voice through writing, it is probably not a traditional "business". However, my goal is to make freelance writing a viable employment option for my family. I'd like to be able to feed my kids more than 2-minute noodles on my earnings. Maybe gourmet 2-minute noodles?

Check out the other fabulous women who will write about their foils, frustrations, fantasies, faux pas, and something else that starts with f.

Join the ride!