I'm on Twitter. Welcome to the 21st century.

I have much bemoaned social media, Facebook specifically, as time-wasting drivel. I realise I am the only person under 80 years of age left in the First World who remains without a Facebook account.

Perhaps it is hypocritical then to sign up (or be enlisted to) Twitter. As a way to share information on common interests and keep things short (140 characters), it appealed. As a forum for disastrous abbreviations and murdering of the English language, not so much. But the IT people in my life tell me it's the way of the future. I'll see if the Twitter wave collects me and takes me to new oceans or if it dunks me violently and leaves me damp and snivelling on the shore.

Now I need to go and learn how to use all these foreign objects @, # and Twitter jargon. See you in 7 years.