Peru continued - A day in Lima (Instalment Two)

I’m sure I’d only slept for three minutes when that alarm went off. My body was too heavy to lift out of bed, so I rolled into the shower. The 11th floor was the location for breakfast and what a magnificent view! We were presented a rainbow of delights in the all-inclusive buffet: cured meats, local cheeses, Danish pastries, cereals, fruit, and a smorgasbord of cooked meals. I could see 5kg sitting on my gut already. A three-course breakfast of treats with views to match was an invigorating start to the day.  

Breakfast view. Terrible, I know.

Marven was our guide for the morning. A knowledgeable and interesting fellow, he taught us about the history of Lima, showed us the gorgeous parks and gardens, Lima’s historic downtown including Paseo de la Republica, Plaza San Martin, the Main Plaza, Presedential Palace, Cathedrals, San Francisco Convent and the list goes on. The buildings alone were a magnificent site – in Australia we are such a young country in terms of historical monuments (important indigenous places of interest aside) so I was enthralled by the architecture and sheer size of these monstrosities. I love a good plaza too! A city square is the beating heart of a metropolis; a common gathering ground for all walks of life.

Dropped back at our hotel right on lunchtime with a list of suggested eateries in hand, we made our way to the nearest shopping arcade: Centro Comercial Larcomar. More American–style than Peruvian but a show-stopper of a location on the side of a cliff! I was amused by the outdoor escalator; clearly this is a city that rarely has rain! We ate at Tanta – a restaurant with gorgeous views however my Spanish was not at menu standard and we ordered an array of local dishes, all served with an egg inside or on top. I have an aversion to eggs, some may call a phobia, so I had a lovely glass of champagne for lunch followed by an ice cream at Gelarti! Bonus is, I relearned the word for eggs: huevos.

We visited the supermarket; we love to see all the different products available, and bought some local chocolate, chips and jerky (yes, health was our priority). Back to the hotel for a wee rest (jetlag was hitting hard by this stage), then we walked into Lima to the markets that attract a million other tourists but I wanted to get a feel for what was on offer before we headed off to the next destination on our itinerary. We bargained and joked with local vendors in our broken Spanish and bought a few bits and pieces. Dinner was at the gorgeous restaurant attached to our hotel – TRAGALUZ. A beautiful ambience and fantastic artwork on the wall, incredibly friendly and helpful staff and the food was magnificent. My husband is on a quest to find the best Crème Brulee and Tragaluz’s Brulee is in his top 2!

Back to bed ready for another early morning flight, to Cusco!