Who says haircuts for kids can't be fun?

Tackling the big issues: kids' haircuts. Yes, I know, it's life-changing discussion. Well it could be for anyone who has ever taken a screaming kid to have their haircut and come out with war wounds (parent and child).

I decided a list of who does scissors well was long overdue. So read all about it here:

Kid-friendly hairdressers: who says haircuts can’t be fun?

Chop! Chop! (Yep, comedy is my back up plan if this whole writing gig doesn't take off).


And just one big flip of the bird to my computer and this program that enjoys saving drafts somewhere secret. "Save & Publish" apparently doesn't always mean that. Sometimes it means "Save & Publish somewhere really mysterious so the author won't be able to find it and have her waste valuable time retyping stuff."