The exhausting truth about parenting a toddler while pregnant

Toddlers are exhausting all on their lonesome. Tackling them while pregnant is a whole new challenge.

Photo: Artiga Photo

Photo: Artiga Photo

I've written about it in my latest article for Essential Baby:

You may need a nap after reading.



Cutting sandwiches into squares and other crimes against toddlers

I miss having toddlers. Truly. All that raging emotion and illogic? It's so adorable. 

Clearly the words of a mother who has glazed over being in the trenches with the daily hysteria of these lil humans.

If you have a toddler, know a toddler, have ever been in a shopping centre and witnessed a toddler, you may appreciate some of these crimes against toddlers.

She looked out my window!!!!!!

She looked out my window!!!!!!

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