Here's some people to vouch for both my writing skills & my professionalism.

From the very beginning of my business relationship with Kylie, I was impressed with her passion for educating children through her writing. Her enthusiasm made producing the ‘Whose Pants?’ series a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. It is easy to see why Kylie has such a large following online and why her articles are so well-received. The text for her books was extremely well-thought-out and needed very little intervention – and it translated so beautifully into cute illustrations of quirky children. Kylie was very professional to deal with, from start to finish. She was completely happy to be involved in the process of producing her books from scratch, and was also just as willing to accept feedback. I truly wish her every success for the future.

Sarah Mummé, Publisher [Lake Press]


Kylie has a strong sense of what our readers want and need to read about. Her articles generate lively discussion in our Essential Kids forums and many relate to her open and honest reflections on the joys and everyday challenges of raising kids. She isn't afraid to bare it all when she writes and our readers respond to that.

Katie Carlin, Deputy Editor, Essential Kids []

I haven't employed Kylie as a creative copywriter for long, but I don't need to in order to know that she is one of the best. Out of the dozens of writers we have employed in the past, I have only had one other that equals her almost superhuman ability to know exactly what I want. If you're looking for 100% reliability, a writing speed most of us envy and - of course - a quality of work that is not only brilliant, but extremely versatile, give Kylie a try.

Jasmin Leete, Co-Owner & Head Writer, Writers Ink  []

We got Kylie on board as a content writer for our startup business . We wanted to create a unique voice for our company, one that the customers would relate to. Kylie went above and beyond our expectations. She perfectly articulated our vision exactly as we wanted. She did an amazing job. She is an intelligent, articulate, dynamic and creative personality who relates very well to other people. But what impressed us most about Kylie is her vigorous passion for writing and communications. We'd recommend her in an instant.

Team teenstr co-founders, Jay Manchanda, Edward Wittenberg & Salman Khalid []

Kylie compiled a series of standard letters for Care3. I now have a suite of letters at my fingertips, without me spending hours worrying about wording and grammar. I would recommend Kylie for all your word smithing needs.

Penny Holcombe, Director, Care3  []

We operate tourism businesses including a planning site for touring The Great Ocean Road. The online world demands high quality original content if a site is to thrive. Kylie has provided some wonderfully funny and interesting articles about beach holidays and travel. The stories evoke pleasant memories of childhood for many readers, and adds to their anticipation of touring the region. The results for our site have been fantastic.

Tony Shearer, Director, Winding Roads []