Me Fail English? That’s Unpossible.

Ralph Wiggum.

I’m Kylie Orr. 

Oh hello and welcome!

Oh hello and welcome!

I’m asked at least once a week if I know another Orr. I married into the name, so I usually don’t. 

Writing your own "About" page feels narcissistic. Yet when I view other websites the "About" page is the one I click first. I'm not sure if it's voyeurism or an intrinsic desire to understand people. 

I love meeting new people and I love writing new words.. Connection is the cornerstone of writing. To engage your reader, you have to be genuinely interested and interesting..

I play with words in all sorts of ways - through feature articles and web content, in my children's book series, in two commercial fiction novels I'm slaving away at and lots of to-do lists for my husband and four children. I write about subjects I know well, and sometimes I write about things I don't - and learn fascinating things as I go. I'm perpetually inspired, moved and amused. I try to convey this in my writing.

If you'd like to know more about my career history, you'll find it within my writing services page.

Thanks for visiting!

Kylie Orr.

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