Me Fail English? That’s Unpossible.

Ralph Wiggum.

Amused. at something...

Amused. at something...

I’m Kylie Orr.

I’m asked at least once a week if I know another Orr. I married into the name, so I usually don’t. 

Writing one's own "About" page seems distastefully narcissistic. Yet when I view other websites, the "About" page is usually the one I click first. Voyeurism or simply an intrinsic desire to understand people, I'm not sure which. 

I’ve been writing since crayons were invented. Some of my earlier claims to writing are forged permission notes and heartfelt wish lists to fat men in red suits.

My school reports always detailed my penchant for talking too much in class. I consistently exonerated myself with expert story-spinning.

I like to believe I can still tell a great story. I find characters wherever I go. At the traffic lights, in the queue at the bank, at previous workplaces, in my shower (not literally with me), and in a tiny hidden nook in the left hand corner of my brain.

I cringe on the inside, and sometimes groan loudly on the outside, when I read something that is poorly written. Writing is not for everyone, just like standing in front of a class full of teenagers teaching sex education is not for the weak-hearted. Luckily, we all have a day job that we're usually proficient at. This is mine.

If you'd like to know more about my career history, you'll find it within my writing services page.

I write what I know, and some things I don’t. I'm perpetually inspired and moved and amused. I try to convey this in my writing.

One day I'll write that life-changing novel. In the meantime, I'm simply writing.

Thanks for visiting.

Kylie Orr.