Why do you think you're better than me?

Following on from my "ladies lunch" I felt compelled to write a piece about a group of women who made us feel like we were second rate citizens. I've decided against publishing it but just wanted to raise the question: why do some people think they are better than others?

Clearly at a fancy lunch that cost me half my pay and half my soul, you are going to find people who attend these things for a living. They probably have plenty of cash to splash around and know the kinds of people who move in "those" circles.

I am not one of those people. Lashing out is not something I do often, as the parent to four children and a poor writer! But to dress up and have a special day out with friends is certainly a treat. Not something to be ruined by three nameless, snobby women who were having trouble sharing our oxygen.

I wondered, in my otherwise jubilant state, how these women came to think they were of a higher order than us? If they were celebrities, they weren't well-known enough to be recognised. And even-so, does fame give you the right to treat others with contempt and disdain because they are seen as a lower class? I really didn't think this ridiculous status discrimination happened in Australia but I was proven wrong.

So, that's as far as my vent will go. Overall, it was a wonderful day with some gorgeous friends and we left with many stories to tell (and damning photos). I don't think I will attend next year unless one of those socialites decides to offer me an apology for their revolting elitist behaviour in the form of a complimentary ticket!