The huge difference between primary and high school: The first day back

That's it! All four are now in school and the apron strings can be somewhat loosened. Oh how different the first days are when you compare primary school to high school. A learning curve for all of us.

How to choose a high school

My latest column came about from the overthinking involved in choosing a high school for our eldest child who will start Year 7 in 2016.

We haven't started the open day process but will embark on this in the coming months. I thought choosing a high school would be fairly straight forward, and I guess given the ridiculous list of wants and needs (or more specifically, what we don't want or need), the choice is limited. Local, government is the likely option. And even if we were rolling in a pool of cash, I think local, government would still be the choice. We are lucky though, our local high schools are pretty good.

They say too much choice makes people unhappy. Maybe they're right. If we only had one to choose from we'd just make the best of it!




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